WTB DELLORTO 5mm Jets 80-100s

Trying to drop a bunch of money while tuning. I'm not really expecting the whole range, just let me know what you've got! Or on the contrary if anyone has any tips on where I can get a cheap range or direct me to some clones that would be awesomely acceptable as well.

Best contact would be to email me: brewicidal@gmail.com Thanks!

Re: WTB DELLORTO 5mm Jets 80-100s

Garodney Gentzel Motor City Riots /

Re: WTB DELLORTO 5mm Jets 80-100s

Thanks GGMCR, I know this but I'm just seeing if I could grab some second hand. I mean, 80-110 would cost me a good 36 bucks which I'm not trying to spend on little shit.

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