WTB: Honda Express VIN plate and Title

Trying to get my nopeds titled and registered in Illinois but my DMV won't take a bill of sale. Looking for one for an orange 78 and a blue 80 heck I really don't care about the color just looking to get them on the road!

Re: WTB: Honda Express VIN plate and Title

and i want to buy the gas tank! someone go gets it for us

Re: WTB: Honda Express VIN plate and Title

Andrew Kotcher /

have you ever thought of trying to use the apply for an abandoned vehicle title trick? works in florida takes time though go to dmv and tell them a friend who left town left his moped behind and you cant get a hold of him and want to get a title for it they check for last owner and then send notice if no response then you post an ad for 30 days and if no response then dmv issues you a title if they do respond tell them how mush it will cost them to retrieve it for storage fee's.

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