wtb timing tool

Willing to pay for any timing tool that works with motobecane. handmade or not. something i could dial in .1mm range. want a more accurate way of setting my timing. If anyone has a good spark plug wire that would be great too.

Re: wtb timing tool

oh also looking for a flywheel cover with rubber piece and a 418 chain. This is all for 50v mobylette. Also looking for a good freewheel and horn switch. soooooo.....

Timing tool

Plug wire


Flywheel cover + rubber piece

418 chain

good horn switch(dont use engine kill, spring broken in my switch so horn gos off randomly and i want to use it)

all for a moby 50v (edited)

Re: wtb timing tool

use a car timing light and a 12v battery. Coil wire from a lawn mower shop.

Re: wtb timing tool

I don't see how that would work on a Motobecane with the light. Need like an adjustable piston stop. Also still looking for a place to get the chain or freewheel. Also like clean magneto cap and rubber lock.

Re: wtb timing tool

mr snuffalufagis /

theres a place called harbor freight here in indiana i bought the dial indicator for like 15 bucks i think. you have to make the piece that threads in, use an old spark plug.

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