1978 honda hobbit pa1 for sale $350

I am selling my 1978 honda pa1 hobbit. I have another hobbit and love theses mopeds. They are one of the few dual variated mopeds available, which means you can tune them to stay in the power band from launch all the way to the top end which is something you can't do with a 1 speed moped like a Puch. I have another hobbit that I just finished tunning that easily goes over 50mph. This red one was going to be my second back up moped but I ended up buying a third moped so the wife says one of them has to go. So this red hobbit has great spark and good compression, the carburetor however is clogged up. It has the stock carburetor on it, 10mm. It also has the stock pipe and heads. This will run if you take the time to rebuild the carb or you could just throw a kit on it and join the 50mph club. Over all the bike is pretty clean, nice paint, nice bars and controls. the rims are pretty damn clean too. The tires could probably use replacing. The seat has a small hole in it, replacement seat covers are $25 on ebay. Missing side chain and pulley guards, I don't use them anyway. Gas tank does not leak, awesome. may have a small amount of surface rust inside but one of the better condition tanks I've seen. Petcock does not leak. new fuel line and filter. missing chain tensioner, available on ebay for $14. This is a great bike to start out with and learn how to build and tune. I am looking for a quick sale and that is why I have priced it so low. Please do your research and make sure you know what you are looking at. Email me if your are interested.

extras included

bullet style head lamp-cafe look

extra carb 14mm from a honda pa2

speedo-no cable though

stock exhaust

nos carb rebuild kit-Bonus!

extras for sale-

Banana seat-puch-$60

Proma circuit pipe-off my 50+mph hobbit- I just ordered a custom pipe by Motomatic so I could part with the Proma-3 weeks old-$80. Paid $110 new.

Re: 1978 honda hobbit pa1 for sale $350

sent pm

Re: 1978 honda hobbit pa1 for sale $350

I am in Santa rosa ca by the way, local pick up would be rad.

Re: 1978 honda hobbit pa1 for sale $350

I am lowering the price to $300 That is as low as I will go. Get at it!

Re: 1978 honda hobbit pa1 for sale $350

sold while you were sleeping.

Re: 1978 honda hobbit pa1 for sale $350

Johnatha Quinata /

Where u located

Re: 1978 honda hobbit pa1 for sale $350

Beach Club Nick /

> Johnatha Quinata Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Where u located

This post is 8 years old dude

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