WTB: a running moped (Mass)

Hi MopedArmy,

So I am looking buy a running moped. Something that will get me to my new job each and every day (1 mile each way). And I will do some minor cruising for fun, nothing big just around town, fishing, groceries and whatnot. I am located in Mass, north shore area.

Since I just started my job, I don't have much money yet. (have $100). I know that likely won't get a running moped for that but I will have more money after my first full check (3 weeks from now).

I posting to see if anyone has something they will want to sell then? Maybe someone has something on the backburner or something. Maybe I'll just have to repost again when I get paid, which will be fine too. I have been scouring Craigslist have run into a few $300 to $400 running mopeds (in the 1978 to 1982 range). Does this seem like what I should be expecting to spend for something that runs?

Thanks in advance!


EDIT: oh and I am looking for 50cc or less so that I can register as a moped and not need insurance, etc. (edited)

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

at least 600 for a ready to ride bike.

i've got a 82' general TE ( minarelliV1 ) for 700

35 WOT all day.

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

Thanks Steven!

So it sounds like if I can find a $400 running 'ped thats a great deal!

I bought a brand Kinetic about 15 years ago at BJ's for $300, I know they aren't the best mopeds around but it did the trick for me at 16!

Also, what does 35 WOT all day mean?

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

35mph Wide open throttle (max speed) all day. meaning you can ride it wide open and it wont hurt it too much.

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

Thanks Nathan!


Now the moped that Steven is selling sounds like a terrific moped, however its not what I am looking for. I can't spend $700 (now anyway) on a moped. I realize that will probably mean I won't get one that goes 35 mph WOT, and that is fine since my job is only 1 mile away! Heck if I go 20 mph I will still be able to get in less than 5 mins. So while it would be nice to have a moped like the one he is selling, I just can't afford it.

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

I wanted to bump this because I now have some money together.

I have $350 to spend, anything out there that is street ready? Its getting to be a pain riding my bike to work at 5:30 each morning!

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

I have a Garelli Rally Sport for $250. It is not currently running, but ran last fall and has sat since - it likely needs a carb clean. It also needs a headlight and it needs a pedal arm and new pedals.

Now I doubt you'll be interested in that, but at any rate, offering you my bike isn't really why I'm posting. I have two points:

1. When I first got into mopeds, I would only buy running bikes because the idea of buying something that didn't work seemed silly to me. But as I have ventured further into the hobby, I realized its pretty silly to be particular about buying a running or non-running bike either way because they all break eventually and will need to be fixed. Granted, you probably don't know how to fix a non-running bike yet, but you'll have to learn.

2. That aside, if you're not getting the moped for recreational riding but instead mainly as a form of transportation to your job a mile away, seriously, don't get into mopeds. Its a hassle. Just get a bicycle.

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

I think you made some assumptions here that just aren't true.

First off, I am not getting into mopeds, I already am! I have already owned and cared for and fixed a moped of my own. I know whats involved. If I wasn't serious about getting a moped I would NOT be posting here and scouring Craigslist like a mad man.

Of course I know that I won't get a PERFECT moped for the $400 to even $500 range, but I want one that runs, and I can ride it to work the next day after getting it and registering it. That means to me the engine works, the lights work, and it has brakes. Anything else thats wrong with it I will fix over the next few weeks after getting it. I am not afraid to fix it, I might not know how to fix everything but I am excited to learn anything I don't already know.

Now if I already had a vehicle like a car or truck I would be happy to buy a broken moped. I would fix it over time and get it running. I would use for the same reasons as before though, light cruising and getting to work.

What I mean by light cruising is that I won't take it for 6 hour or more rides, I'll take around town, for fun and to go fishing and to the market and whatnot. I freakin love riding a moped even if its not to go anywhere in particular.

I have a bike by the way. I drive it to work about 50% of the time, other times I borrow a car or get a ride. But for me, I work at 6 in the morning, sometime 5:30 and it stinks riding a bike to work then. Going home is fine but its not the only reason I am getting a moped, thats for sure.

In my position it is absolutely not silly to only be looking for a running moped. I don't have a vehicle at this time. I sold it before I moved to NYC, now I am back in suburbia, but thats another story for another day, the point is I dont have a vehicle and want to save up money for stuff. That further goes to show why a moped would be perfect for me right. It would allow me to get to work, get to the places around town I need to go, and I would be free to cruise at my leisure.

You made quite a number of assumptions about me, hence my long post. Hope I made it clear again.

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

i've got a peugeot for 100, it's completely disassembled, everythings there exept crankshaft/ flywheel.

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

Thanks for the offer, but I am willing spend more to get a more complete package. See my last post for details. I want to be able to register and ride the next day after purchase. Doesn't have to be perfect but just ridable; runs, brakes, and lights. Other stuff I can fix tin the following weeks.

I've got a few deals I am looking into that fit my criteria and price range. But I am open to hearing any others!

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

You're obviously a nice person, and I am not trying to be a dick, but you are not "into" mopeds. You bought a brand new Kinetic from BJs fifteen years ago. That is not the same as buying a late-70s early-80s bike that will likely need regular minor repairs and sometimes more major repairs. Or buying and riding many over time like many people on this site. You have owned a moped, but its not yet a hobby of yours. I own a car. That doesn't make me "into" cars.

I believe that you are serious about getting a moped - no one is debating that. All I am saying is that you're too preoccupied with whether or not a bike is running. They all break eventually, so you're going to have to fix it eventually. It doesn't seem like there is any real rush. So why not buy a non-running bike super cheap, spend a couple weeks learning and making it run, and then there yah go. When it does break, you'll already be a step ahead on fixing it. Like you said, you're excited to learn, so dive right in. I'll even help you get it running.

Glad to hear you're looking to cruise. We can ride together.

I'm sure there is some science somewhere that says that a mile long bike ride to work at 5:30 am will actually help wake you up or something. Or you could just walk. All I'm saying is its a mile - its not imperative that you have a running moped RIGHT AWAY for transportation purposes.

Totally get a moped! Just prepare yourself to be more invested than casual transportation and don't be seduced by the tax you pay for a bike because it is running. A moped's natural state is not running. Alllll I'm trying to say.

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

OK, i know you are trying to help, so thank you.

You are abosutely right about not being "into" mopeds. I have no where near the commitement, knowhow, knowledge as you guys. I guess you could maybe say that I have something over someone who is buying a moped for the first time because I have riden plenty and at least done some work; my old Kinetic, my buddies old Puch and my other friends yamaha Chappy. And while my moped was a new Kinetic I still had to do work on it when it broke, which entailed taking it apart at least somewhat numerous times. This does give me more knowhow than a complete stranger to the scene. So you are right I not anywhere near you all, but I do have at least some basis to learn.

I guess my want for it to be running is because if there was ever a time for my moped to be running it's when I bought it. A few months from now I will have a car (or a truck) and if it breaks then, fine, at that point my moped will have from transportation and leisure to strictly leisure. I'll still ride it to work most of the time, but for a leisure ride to work.

I do understand what you saying though about the running issue. Luckily, by upping my initial investment only slightly, I have found numerous items that fit the bill.

Re: WTB: a running moped (Mass)

Oh and walking to work is completely dangerous, no sidewalk windy country road with plenty of poeple doing 10 over the limit of 40. according to google map its technically 1.75 miles not something I am want to do, especially with all the cardio I do at work... and getting a wake-up from the ride in is not needed, I am fully ready to go before i even leave the house.

That moped ride home is gonna SWEET on these hot days though ;-)

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