WTB: Tomos A-35 parts

I am looking for the following parts to finish my restoration on my 1995 sprint....

1. Rear luggage rack(prefer black)

2. Indicator lens for high beam and flashers located in dash

3. Any one have a good tomos sprint seat that hinges forward(or know where i can get a seat cover?)

4. Container under seat to hold oil tank(one thats not cracked looking for a good new take off for this)

Also any good 27t front sprocket and aftermarket parts you may want to get rid of, I may be interested(really looking for a good used aftermarket pipe for this thing to).....thank you please email me at xnewmetalx@hotmail.com or ill try to check my PM... i will check this as well...


Any more inquires? also looking for maybe a tecno circuit pipe? thank you

Re: Exhaust

Carter Denny /

I have a bi turbo for sale.

Re: WTB: Tomos A-35 parts

i have a rack if you need ........$20 shipped

Re: WTB: Tomos A-35 parts

I got everything moped army thanks again!

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