First time buyer needs help

To make this as short as possible. I live in San Diego ca and want to but a moped purely bc I want a cheap way of getting around and don't think at 5'6 and 120 lbs a full size motor cycle would be a smart choice. I was initially drawn in by some Honda super cub replicas bc I know most Hondas are an easy part bike bc of how many they have sold. Until a friend recommended the sym wolf classic 150 cc. I really liked that it vaguely reminded me of Steve McQueen riding a classic triumph in the great escape. But my question is does anyone know how they preform for a new rider like myself and if they are worth the $3000 asking price . The cub replicas brand new are half that but come in at 110 cc .

Re: First time buyer needs help

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Re: First time buyer needs help

I cant imagine any replica being worth $3000. most are Chinese built, are very crappy and are unreliable. if you want a really nice 1981 Honda Passport 70cc, I have one i can sell. email [email][/email]

Re: First time buyer needs help

Those sym wolf classics are great. SYM was a manufacturer for Honda for a long time so you are basically buying a brand new vintage Honda with some modern upgrades such as ceramic coated cylinders and updated electronics.

$3k is a little pricy but they come with a warranty and are going to be way more reliable and a helluva lot faster than any moped. You should be able to insure it pretty cheaply. If you're buying it for transportation and you wan something that's just gonna run without having to wrench on it, I say go for it.

Although for a bit less than that price you should be able to find an old cb200 or cb350, and those things run forever too...

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