F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

Fresh bearings and seals

3 shoe clutch with blue springs

Cleaned, Untouched cases and transfers

No flywheel cover

Marks on clutch cover and surrounding area is leftover black paint from previous owner. Removes easily with degrease or carb cleaner but got sick of scrubbing. $155 shipped.

Flywheel Side.JPG
Clutch Side.JPG
Bottom Side.JPG

Re: F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

What cylinder?

Re: F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Looks like a 2hp.

Re: F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

#2 cylinder. Square intake

Top Side.JPG

Re: F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

Bump. $140

Re: F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

kristopher maedke-russell /

recently bought one in similar shape (but no cool springs) for 35 bucks. just sayin...

Re: F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

With new bearings, seals and a 3 shoe? I don't think so.

$140 shipped aint bad, but it isn't cheap either.

Re: F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

Overpriced Parts /

When I rebuild a e50 I install and ream a new crank bushing.

What good is installing new bearings but leaving the 30 year old crank bushing in.

Free bump though

Re: F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

Not everyone has a reemer... but you are correct. Speaking of which... what do you use to ream the bushing Ken?

Don't say a reamer lol... I mean, do you have a part number or link!

Re: F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

The small end brass bushing I got from treats a few months ago was really close....I just 'reemed' the center with some emery paper that I rolled up...like a filter in a 'cigarette', and spun it a few times..measured and test fit...didn't take long..and my small end pin moves nice and free, with no play in it. I also drilled and chamfered the edges on a second oiler hole for it while I was at it. Runs great!!, but not a ton of miles on it...it's on a stock 2HP maxi with a SHA 15

Re: F/S Rebuilt Stock E50

i want an e50,

Now to find a puch.

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