fs: motobecane simonini exhaust

This one


In the pics you can see a dentie bottom, surface rust on the circuit part, and where a bit of the mount cracked off. Complete with all the hardware it came with. You need to make a mount but its not too bad. Really a strip of metal with two holes maybe 1.5" apart does it.

How about 75 shipped? i think thats probably pretty solid, its a neat pipe.

Re: fs: motobecane simonini exhaust

I'll take it! pm'ed.

Re: fs: motobecane simonini exhaust

At least the baffle is attached on the Simonini so it can't get lost before shipping!

Re: fs: motobecane simonini exhaust

Hey dood your totally right, im a huge dick. I just totally forgot about this thing in my desk at work. Anyways, shipped out today. All you had to do was send me an email, I work next to the post office.

Re: fs: motobecane simonini exhaust

My bad for not following up more directly. Thanks for makin' things right dude!

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