FS: Batavus HS-50 frame/swingarm $30.00

the HS was the top tank version of the Batavus

M48 engined frame/swingarm.....no forks

$30.00 plus actual shipping

have the front wheel too..........extra $

Re: FS: Batavus HS-50 frame/swingarm $30.00

Leo... why are you trying to sell my bike?

Re: FS: Batavus HS-50 frame/swingarm $30.00

Brett: was this the one ray picked up a while back... because half that bike is actually mine...

Leo: what do you need off this bike?

should i just

give you the money for this bike.

sold the rear wheel and some small stuff already

Ray took most of the good stuff and left the carcass over here.

seems he just wanted to get rid of the bike since he was moving.

Brett: Oh.... we had worked it out that I got the seat, rear shocks, and wheels. I bought in half for $60.

Leo: goddam Ray

i wish he would of told me that.

just shipped the rear wheel to New Hampshire..................

still have the front wheel and rear shocks.

it didn*t have the seat when i got it.

how much i owe you for the rear wheel?

beware gifts from Ray

Brett: just give me whatever is left of the bike.

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