Another one here trying to dig up a vm20 instead of waiting on backorder.. Would need it shipped to radford, va(24141) Ready to paypal asap. 'preciate it

Re: WTB: VM20


Re: WTB: VM20

Chris Holbrook /

aren't we all..

Re: WTB: VM20


Yes we are.. I missed 2 of em a few weeks back after losing power and having downed trees from that nutter wind storm

Hoping one will surface soon, I really don't want to break in the polini with the $20 ebay carb

Re: WTB: VM20

Im using a ebay 22mm carb. its a keihin copy. Its alright for breaking in because it runs rich with stock jet and a filter but I'm also waiting to get my hands on that vm20.

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