1978 Honda Hobbit

Joshua Grimes /

Hey guys, I'm selling my 1978 Honda Hobbit (PA 50 I). It goes about 17 mph. I've installed a new petcock and new tire. I have a clear title and it's licensed for PA.

It is missing the key, and the top plastic plates where you put your feet have broken cracked around the bolt heads. It starts easily. It has 456 miles on it.

I'm sure it would go faster if someone knew what they were doing and had the time to work on it. Let me know if you have questions and feel free to make me an offer.

I live in Lock Haven, PA 17745




Re: 1978 Honda Hobbit

Nice photos, good looking Hobbit!

Re: 1978 Honda Hobbit

How much? I'm in the market to buy if the price is right.

Re: 1978 Honda Hobbit

Tyler Raider /

How much? I live close by.

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