1977 Motobecane 50v CLEAN

Hey all, I've got a 1977 Moby possibly for sale, stock besides 14.12 dellorto installed, also will include 15.15 carb, mini clubman bars (installed), will include original bars, new grips, under 900 miles, has tank rust but theres a filter on the petcock, Illinois TITLED (im owner number 3), back tube is flat but tires are almost brand spanking new, one rim has small dent from idiot who changed my tire doesn't affect anything and its almost invisible, RUNS LIKE A CHAMP!!! super clean besides tank ... just want what i got it for a a teeny bit back of the work I put into it...$600 obo(really). I love this ped and I hate to see it go but im moving to california and i need money / i dont know how to get it there... :/

Im in the Champaign Urbana, Illinois area (central Illinois)

Re: 1977 Motobecane 50v CLEAN

If you need help shipping the bike feel free to pm me. And if you need the tube changed or anything related MBK, let me know. I'm in Chicago.

Good luck w/ the move and sale.


Re: 1977 Motobecane 50v CLEAN

Thanks, I will...I think i just need the money more for the move and putting out money for a ship is totally out of the question sadly...so here she is...but one day I'll have another I'm sure...It's time for someone else to love it up!

Re: 1977 Motobecane 50v CLEAN

dude ride it there

Re: 1977 Motobecane 50v CLEAN

hahaha I wish...i have a lot of shit...and im selling most of it just so i can fit it in my car...plus my dog and a cat...that would be hilarious though.

Re: 1977 Motobecane 50v CLEAN

moby's might be light enough for a bicycle rack, you should look into that.

Re: 1977 Motobecane 50v CLEAN

Sent you a PM, but are you willing to deliver to Chicago? My car is down so I can't come get it :(

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