WTT Honda CM200T for Derbi.

So i know this is a far cry, but i figured its worth a shoot.

1980 Honda CM200T - With Clean Title.

Runs and Rides perfect but the battery slowly looses charge and causes bike to run like crap until you charge the battery again. When the battery is charged, it runs great. Electric start, it idles, all cables move freely, the tires have a couple hair line cracks but they have plenty of life left in them. no rust in the gas tank, Its a great bike.

Trade for a Derbi?


Located in Lafayette Indiana.

Re: WTT Honda CM200T for Derbi.

free bump for an awesome guy!

Re: WTT Honda CM200T for Derbi.

All the Derbis belong to me.

Re: WTT Honda CM200T for Derbi.

Nice Honda, maybe needs a voltage regulator? Bump for a good trade.

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