Puch Magnum MKII Central NY $325

Forgot my camera, but if someone is seriously interested I can take some shots with my cell phone and send them to your cell phone.

1980 Puch Magnum MkII with ZA50 two speed auto. Runs good. New Michelin Gazelle tires/tubes with less than two miles on them. New Miss Tammicat seatcover. New brake/throttle cables. Needs paint as it is pretty faded. No paperwork, but it appears all you need is a bill of sale in NY.

Bike is in Oneonta NY, midway between Albany and Binghamton.

I stripped this ped down for Moped Mayhem in May, but have all the stock parts except the footboards, trunk lid, and one side cover. The bike didn't do too well on that long uphill straight at MM but seems to run better now with a little tinkering and bosch points instead of the chinese junk.

The bike now has a set of low race bars on it, though I do have the stock high bars. $325 with the low bars, but I would let it go for $275 with the stock high bars on it and I keep the low ones.

Cash and Carry. I don't have time to pack and ship.

I also have a Honda MB5 fork/frame and wheels I would throw in for $50 if you want them. I was going to use the Honda front end setup for the disk brake. Looks like a straight swap for a much better stop.

It is a fun little bike, but I have decided to concentrate on my pushrod 50 hondas so the Puch has to go.


Re: Puch Magnum MKII Central NY $325

kristopher maedke-russell /

oh wow bump for a reasonably priced mag

Re: Puch Magnum MKII Central NY $325

also bump for not living closer

Re: Puch Magnum MKII Central NY $325

Bring it to Ohio and trade me for my c110 Sport 50.

Re: Puch Magnum MKII Central NY $325

can you send me some pictures? (216-407-8816)

Re: Puch Magnum MKII Central NY $325

☠ Leg! ☠ /

hmm i may may want this but wont be this race it will have to be next. im hurting to build a new race bike myself

Re: Puch Magnum MKII Central NY $325

Jack Cole /

Bike has been sold and just left in the trunk of a Geo Prism. Thank you for the interest.


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