fs: za parts

2hp upper end head, piston, wrist pin, jug , clips 50.00+ shipping

2x points stators, with flywheels 40.00 ea shipped

1 ht coil 10.00+shipping

clutch adjuster 25.00 shipped

treats za and e50 cdi complete 45.00+shipping comes w/extra stator plate and coils, 2 ht coil combos 1 grey cdi box.

newport pedal shaft 25.00 shipped

newport swing arm 15.00+shipping

e-mail me at madmike46@comcast.net

will trade for vm20 or phbg 19 or 20 and intake for puch/ tomos reed kit (edited)

Re: fs: za parts

cdi sold and 1 complete points ignition sold

Re: fs: za parts

monday morning bump

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