FS: Doppler ER3 Clutchless for Peugeot

I bought this thing thinking it would resolve some issues I'm having with a build, but as it turns out it won't.

The clutchless ER3 for Peugeot has no 'oval' mount at the base so the only thing keeping it from spinning on the crank is the nut clamping it down; this seemed weak to me so I have put two little weld bumps inside so it can't spin freely. I should work very well.

Other than that little mod, it's untouched and unused. Because of that, I would appreciate getting most of my money back, so considering it sells for $165 plus shipping, how about you buy it from me for $165 shipped to your door.

I can grab some pictures of the mod if needed.

Re: FS: Doppler ER3 Clutchless for Peugeot


Also happy to trade for a good condition Hobbit Polini, DR, or Malossi kit.

Re: FS: Doppler ER3 Clutchless for Peugeot

Get back to the front.

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