WTB: za50 1st gear clutch

Soooo I'm growing impatient waiting for the za50 1st gear treat clutch to come back in stock. I haven't been able to ride my za50 since February and I really just want to get it up and running again.

Anyone got a za50 1st gear clutch laying around that they'd be willing to sell? I'd prefer the Treats version, but at this point I'd take a stock one as long as it's in good shape. Anyone got one of these they'd be willing to part with? (shipped to 68502)

Re: WTB: za50 1st gear clutch

Overpriced Parts /

Stock one is better in my opinion

I don't have a clutch but in a day or two I may be selling a za50 bottom end

So watch out for my post

Re: WTB: za50 1st gear clutch

Cool. Thanks for the head's up, Ken.

My stock one is shredded, so I definitely gotta replace it. Was hoping to find just the clutch, but I may consider a bottom-end especially if it's coming from you. I guess it comes down to the price... but I'll keep my eyes open for your post.

Re: WTB: za50 1st gear clutch

Bumping for great success.

Re: WTB: za50 1st gear clutch

Sadly, I got an email from 77 saying they've canceled my order for the 2nd gear za50 clutch.... so now I'm in the need of both the 1st and 2nd.

Anybody out there willing to sell a 1st, 2nd or both clutches for a za50? You would make a sad za50 very happy.

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