Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

It's time to let go and clean up, I have way too little time and way too many bikes. One bike I never wanted to get rid of is up for sale, I can't just let it sit, someone needs to enjoy it. Here is a list, it's too dark for pictures tonight, but I'll get them up tomorrow.

1977 Kreidler MP 9, used to ride it, no spark now, engine is free with good compression. Missing side covers, has original tool kit

1977 Kreidler MP 9, twin to above, no side covers, no tool kit, motor was frozen, have 2 motors off bikes, better one goes with bike.

Early 1960's Raleigh with Motobecane motor. Missing 1 side cover, airbox, and misc. nuts and bolts. Motor turns with good compression.

1971 Kreidler MP 1 <-- Hard to let go!! Metal leg shields!! Motor turns over, missing gas tank and taillight lens, no magneto or cover, but have spares that go with.

197? Columbia Sachs roller- no motor.

197? Sachs Prima 5, no top end on motor, snowflake mag wheels.

197? Kreidler roller, good frame and tank.

Not Moped

1957 Sears Allstate 125 minicycle. Frame, wheels, fenders, tank, seat, bars, motor cases w/ trans parts(no crank or top end).

Rockford Chibi mini bike, basket case, but everything appears to be there. Don't really want to sell, but if it goes to a good home I'll let it go.

I'm motivated to sell, but not giving stuff away. I'll take any reasonable offer on any or all, package discounts. Located in Springfield, IL, pickup preferred, but I may deliver close by.

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

you have any red kreidlers?

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

Both 77's are orange, the 71 is tan, and the roller is red with faded paint, but the tank appears to be from a green bike.

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Any Kreidler parts?

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

There may be a few engine parts left over if no-one wants them with a bike, and I may have a Kreidler Bing sitting around, but other than that no, just whats on the bikes.

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

PM sent

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

Pictures of the Allstate, 71 Kreidler w/ leg Shields, 77 Kreidler I used to ride.

71 Kreidler.jpg
77 engine.jpg

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

77 Kreilder with engine off, Raleigh-covered in wax, little water and elbow grease and she shines up nicely, and Columbia.

77 no engine.jpg

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

Kreidler roller, and Sachs Prima.

Kreidler roller.jpg

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

Note: 71 Kreidler everything is in German? and has a Km/H speedo, so likely brought over, not imported.

Will take other pictures, just ask.

Make a reasonable offer.

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

i've been looking for one of those allstates for awhile, if you want to email me your crazy low price i might be able to pick it up on my way to n carolina when i move there at the beginning of august. would that be too late?

Re: Cleaning house-lots of project bikes

Robin Intagliata /

Had the 50cc orange Chibi as a kid. Looking to build one for my 10 year old and wanted to know if the bike you listed is still for sale. I have many great memories of riding the little orange Chibi with my brother growing up in Minnesota and would like for my son to have a Chibi. It was a great bike and tons of fun. Please let me know what you are asking. I am in NW Indiana and can easily make the trip down to pick it up.


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