1965 west river wards Benelli 450

One of these guys is in running shape and the guy wants 800. Should I buy it? Does anyone have parts?

Re: 1965 west river wards Benelli 450


Re: 1965 west river wards Benelli 450

Do you mean a Wards Riverside/ Benelli 450? A 50cc three speed motorbike, not a moped?

If it is good running and complete it could be worth the money but I am thinking more like $600. You can get parts from Domiracer, Cosmo and Joe Purshock (if you can find him-he has sellers on ebay from PA) There is also a guy named Mac in Keene Valley NY that has parts. Benelli Fireball parts are the same.

I was looking for one to make into a vintage roadracer, but ended up using a Honda c110.

They is a very active Yahoo group for the Riverside bikes.

Good luck. If you don't buy it and it is in the North East, please pass the contact info on to me.

Re: 1965 west river wards Benelli 450

Why would I not buy it? He put the price at 750... Is that too high for a nice running bike? Do you not like it because it doesn't have pedals?

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