WTB : Maxi 38mm Barrel

Anybody got an original 38mm stock barrel for a maxi please?

Re: WTB : Maxi 38mm Barrel

got a #4 stock and a #5 stock with intake and exaust opened up...

Re: WTB : Maxi 38mm Barrel

Chris Ketterer /

pm'd you

Re: WTB : Maxi 38mm Barrel

I wouldn't know the diff' I'm afraid. All I know is UI've soft siezed and I'm gonna need new bits n bobs to get it back up. It's currently got a standard 38mm barrel with a high comp head. There's no decompressor on this maxi. What's the difference between a #4 and #5 please ? The opened up ports sounds like a good idea, but I've still got the original 14mm bing carb arm to the intake port... would that still work? plus I've got a boss pipe on it.

Re: WTB : Maxi 38mm Barrel

Overpriced Parts /

Ya it would be cheeper and better for you to get a small 50 cc kit in Europe

Re: WTB : Maxi 38mm Barrel

The maxi in your profile is kickass

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