2011 Tomos Revival Batmoped $800!!!

Yeah, here it is again. With a Bobber (was supposed to have one two weeks ago but the dealer tried to pull a fast one) on the way next month thought I'd try to sell my Revival at a lower price to hellp pay the bills a comin.

Pedals and most original components included. I tore into the original speedo so that is toast :)

1. Moved headlight to new chrome bracket attached to forks.

2. Moved front turn signals to headlight bracket. Moved rear signals off splash guard and onto chrome side trim.

3. Shortened rear splash guard/plate holder.

4. Changed out tail light for one that looks more like a thruster.

5. Added a rear beacon running light.

6. Removed Revival decals on gas tank and replaced them with chrome Batman Logos.

7. Moved horns to side mounts.

8. Raised fake gas tank to a more level position building an ABS under carriage.

9. Carved bat fins on rear fender.

10. Moved Battery from fake gas tank to under seat.

11. Removed kinked oil injection lines and tank.

12. Removed pedals and added rubber covers.

13. Removed speedometer and added a wired Trelock 510 bike computer to gas tank.

14. Added a zinc plated kick stand in proper location next to center stand.

15. Shortened width of engine crash guard.

20. Added folding pedal foot rests to crash guard. (edited)

Re: 2011 Tomos Revival Batmoped $800!!!

part it out. you may have better luck. or put it back to stock. If you do part it I want the motor and front end with the wheel if you do.

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