Puch Maxi, Athens GA

Mike Harboldt /

I am trying to sell my puch maxi. Below is a list of everything it has!

-New EBR Forks

-Three Shoe Clutch With PAZ Springs

-Super Stuffy Race Crank

-70cc Airsal Kit

-Port Work

-Techno Boss Pipe

-15/15 Dellorto Carb

-15mm Intake (puts it off to the front left, super easy to change jets!)

Tires still have lots of tread. Moped is blue, 1981 I believe. I DO NOT WANT TO PART IT OUT. Make me an offer on the whole thing. This moped rules. Super fast. Both lights work. Looking to move out of Athens and have to much stuff to take with me. Ill post some photos or text me and I can send you a shitty one on my phone. Thanks! (404) 423-2868

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