Parts + bikes FS

All prices are local pic up or delivery between boston and nj on 6/25/12 or 6/26/12 ill deliver to areas close to high ways or not to far out of my way as long as its atleast $20 worth of priceing too if you want something shipped know the price is not included

Puch Za50 for parts. complete $75

E50 Cases Snapped stud in one hole...removable $30

Puch Condenser x2 $5 a piece

Plastic and metal fly wheel cover $ 5a piece

Bing 12 needs love $10

Maxi n Plastics $20

Puch Dart front + rear fender $25

Sacs Balboa Frame + Forks $20

Jawa Babeta Frame, Forks, fenders, bars, pedal chain crank $50

Batavus pipe $5

Sacs Speedo $5

Domino throttle $ 15

Puch snowflake Rear break $10

Unknown 17in x2 one has sprocket one has free wheel $5 a pice

Front Puch Snowflake with new Gazelle $50

Unknown 17in front $5

Puch Maxi Frame+swing arm $50

Hard Tail motobecane 50t $250. Engin is free and has compresion

Malgudi Commuter needs a rebuild locked up $150

Honda PAii Good Compression, Strong spark, starts for a few seconds sometime, need to clean the crab $350

Snark all there just needs to be figured out $200

Tomos silver bullet. Starts and idles just does not go $500

Re: Parts + bikes FS

I am interested in some of your parts, but it looks like the pictures are not setup for public viewing. Please change the setting so we can all see your parts.

Re: Parts + bikes FS should be good now

Za + carb sold (edited)

Re: Parts + bikes FS

ryan rothwell /

how much for the balboa with the tank?

Re: Parts + bikes FS

tanks gone sorry

Re: Parts + bikes FS

paul massey /

that moby is much work do you think it would take to get running?

Re: Parts + bikes FS

mostly just time

Re: Parts + bikes FS

Oh weird , see you on tuesday

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