FS - Vespa Ciao Variated Side Covers

I have two sets: https://www.treatland.tv/vespa-ciao-red-side-cover-set-for-dual-variated-p/vespa-side-cover-set-red-dual.htm



red ones have part of the back cut off

black ones are in near new condition, i cut off one of the mounting tabs to fit it on my kickstart ciao as it interfered with it's function, but it sill holds on to the frame just as strong and fits on just as sung and normal looking as with 3.

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also have one set of ciao emblems that snap right into these covers, they look like these:

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well, i have two ciaos, but am going down to one. the one i'm keeping is my wife's bike. i've done a bunch to it to get it to be quick for a stock bike (35 flat and 40+ downhill) but I've decided to kit the bike and go to single speed. I think kitted and variated will be too much acceleration for her to handle. but kitted and a single speed should be a good balance.

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Re: FS - Vespa Ciao Variated Side Covers

How much for the red ones and the emblems and do u have 1 or 2 of the bolts that hold them in place? I'm working on a 76 ciao now and it's missing I'll things like that. And if you have a sec and are familiar with the ciaos (it's my 1st one and first time working with a varietied transmission to) and it was running fine and then poof keeps starting and then killing: all wires and cables are tite, points are good, getting spark, spark plug is fine.... I haven't thoroughly checked for air leaks and maybe I hit a big bump an messed up the timing. But all I've talked said that sometimes the ciaos will do funny things and no one around here is too familiar with em!

Re: FS - Vespa Ciao Variated Side Covers


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