Drilled SHA Bodies, 15.875/15.875MM +Misc. SHA Parts

SO I was selling those 14.3mm 9/16" before in this thread. HERE ALso see references

Just paypal me 30$ and i will send you a naked body and you swap all the guts and stuff.

I also have a bag-O-parts like screws and floats, needles, and all kinds of stuff, just ask.

I discovered a secret technique to cleanly drill them out to my 5/8" drill bit and it goes fantastically now. Mirror Smooth and with the atomizer checked, and re-drilled if necessary then the slide channel gets De-burred. From there it gets cleaned in my own sink with boiling ass hot water, and every orifice gets cleaned checked and rechecked.

I am now letting you know what letter is on the carb (A,B,R) and the DIFFERENT letters Apparently use DIFFERENT Shims....... as well as checking the threads on the float bowl and top bolts as some of them get damaged by PO Let me know what style choke you have and I will match it up.

^^^See the 15.875mm under the original 14/12mm ^^^^^^

I will try to take a better picture(new samsung phone)

Email me or PM but try to avoid posting on here as the thread gets crazy long fast.....

Re: Drilled SHA Bodies, 15.875/15.875MM +Misc. SHA Parts


Shipping out today!! Still can make a pile of these so email or PM me, still have plenty of needles, floats, screws, choke plates, bowls, springs, and all that jazz. Just no tops or slides........

better picture showing size, uncleaned up display piece.

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