Honda nu50

How much does a 82 nu50 usually go for these days?

Re: Honda nu50

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /


Prices are what the market will bear. The price range starts at free and goes to over $500.

Not bragging: I got very lucky with this $20 NU50. It needs tires and tubes, clutch shoes, battery, drive belt, brake shoes, kick starter bearing, and the fork/handlebars are slightly tweaked. I "formed" them back to straight, but you know how "average" steel weakens with work hardening.


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Gruff "(OFMC)" - /

yeah even the most expensive ones need something done to em. Outside of the owners in here, most people selling them dont know what they need... especially if they arent running. I wouldnt pay over 20-100 if its not in running condition, depending on the condition of everything else with it, but thats me. The ones I see running and in decent shape that dont need much ? go for 400 + and then theres the dreamers that want 6-800 and even they need work hahahaha. normally speaking if you buy a 100-150 bike youll put another 200+ in it just to make it stock or better.

Heres what you usually get for a 300. NU bike:

99% of these bikes for sale have the original tires/tubes 60.+ for new

most need a battery 30.

most need new brakes 35.

and headlight 50.

and belt 20

and rollers 20

and bulbs

most lost the airbox, autochoke, ignition ? rear fender, battery box top

if your very lucky if it runs decent

and then add the hours of labor of getting it right hmmmmm? I'll sell mine for 1800.00 (edited)

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