wtb:a55 stator

Yep, if you have an extra laying around ill take it off your hands.

Re: wtb:a55 stator

I got one of those. Shoot me an email or pm and ill send over a couple pictures.

Re: wtb:a55 stator

what changed exactly 06-07

i know a55 had more wires, different flywheel, but it was the same 4 coil stator.

i modded a a55 to run a35 cdi, i had to run a35 flywheel i think.

but, i think you can run a35 stator, a55 flywheel, and figure out the wire harness.

Re: wtb:a55 stator

I have a working a55 cdi set up

Re: wtb:a55 stator

TJ and Andrew, Emailed

Sabat, pmed

Re: wtb:a55 stator

Emailed you back..

Re: wtb:a55 stator

Hey guys, anyone have another a55 stator? I have a need, thanks!

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