Phoenix area moped trade

I'm new to Arizona and need some wheels before I relocate to Ajo. All I have to trade is a nintendo Dsi. Its in great condition and I've always used a screen protector on the touch screen. I have seven games to go with it too.

call of duty: modern warfare


my japanese coach

super mario bros.

spore creatures

korg ds-10 synthesizer

super mario 64

let me know what you got even if its not running, I'll never find a bike in Ajo.


Re: Phoenix area moped trade

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

There may be a bike, non-running, available in Tucson. Monday the 18th I will go to a secret moped scooter graveyard. If there's a bike available are you interested ?

and why the hell you moving to Ajo???

Re: Phoenix area moped trade

Totally! Thanks! I'll e-mail you my number. I was in a wreck and doing all my recovery here with family. My moms moving to Ajo for a hospital job, but likes Ajo, because of the art school there. I'm not staying permanently. On the upside, I do art as well, so I should be able to scrounge some scratch while I'm there. But first things, first, gotta get riding again.

Ben (edited)

Re: Phoenix area moped trade

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

Cool, I know a native American dude that was born and raised in Ajo. He's a retired probation officer with a knack for carving in stone.

I have a 81 Honda C-70 Passport (no paper) that I may not repair/restore. It allegedly ran last year, according to the seller.

BTW For the Spanish deficient reading this, Ajo (pronounced Ah-Ho) is garlic, which grows out that way and in the Altar Valley.

Honda passport, Cosmo, Whizzer 013.JPG
Honda passport, Cosmo, Whizzer 017.JPG

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