WTB: Puch in Connecticut

Anyone have a Puch for sale in CT? I don't care what model or condition, but I'd prefer a project or a junker that needs a lot of work. I'll even take Puch parts, as I have a frame already. I'm spending some time out of the city up here in the country and would like something to mess around with.

Re: WTB: Puch in Connecticut

If your riding, i'm in Meriden, p filip has/had a puch for sale..

Re: WTB: Puch in Connecticut

Once I get something on the road I'll be riding, right now it's all wrenchin' though.

Thanks for the info, I'm gonna hit him up. I think I bought a bike off him a few years ago.

Re: WTB: Puch in Connecticut

Yes, Dan, I will send you details about my Puch project for sale later tonight.

Re: WTB: Puch in Connecticut

Paul Degenaro /

I have just about everything needed to build a Maxi, except the engine. PM me if interested.

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