FS: General 5 Star

Sachs General up for grabs! I just dont ride it much anymore so its off to a better home. I ran this at BBR last year, she is a snappy little bike when the clutches are working correctly, I'll either sell it or trade it for go fast parts or a running a55 or a35

The good

-505 1-D bottom end

-70 Athena kit

-15mm intake

-14 Bing

-13t front sprocket

-tires are decent

-mini clubmans

-has side covers

-this chamber hacked and welded to the largest stock header https://www.treatland.tv/exhaust-chamber-p/chamber-black-28mm.htm (on a side note this was the best performing pipe compared to the gianelli, proma chamber, and a simonini circuit)

The bad

-someone not myself replaced the pet cock and it sticks to far into the tank

-the bing is leaky (SHOCKER!)

-anyways these 2 issues can cause the bike to run out of gas when you hold it wide open for to long

-its a sachs so the clutches need to be re shimmed from time to time

-the head light works so does the brake light when it pleases same with the tail light, stock wiring you know the drill

*the way the pipe is mounted in the picture is not how it is currently mounted, that was just a mock up

sachs general fs.jpg
sachs general fs 2.jpg

Re: FS: General 5 Star

god damnit my browser froze when I tried to post this I didnt think it went threw!

Ignore this post sorry!

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