Wtb puch treats pipe

Lookin for one of these to try on a kitted za, the tecno circuit just ain't kuttin it thanks!!

Re: Wtb puch treats pipe

Andrew Browning /

YEAH these arent really like out there long enough for a big used market but good luck.

Re: Wtb puch treats pipe


Re: Wtb puch treats pipe

Sell me the circuit.

Re: Wtb puch treats pipe

Probably Fred /

Unless your geared low and got a real slipply 1st gear clutch the treats pipe won't work the greatest for a za50.

I like a unrestricted Estroil for my za50s.

In fact I sold my chrome treets pipe a few months ago it's a hi rpm pipe that works fine for a tuned clutch, needle crank e50 but I didn't like it on my polini and dmp za50s.

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