wtb derbi engine/swingarm/wheel

Need the complete bottom end. Flat reed preferably? or I dont know, piston ports are cool. Also need the swingarm and rear wheel. Budget build (if possible)

Re: wtb derbi engine/swingarm/wheel

I have a rebuildable pyramid reed in parts. Also swing arms for pyramid and flat reed.

Re: wtb derbi engine/swingarm/wheel

I got a swing arm off a variant for $35 + ship

Re: wtb derbi engine/swingarm/wheel

Im going to wait on motor before snagging swing arm, maybe find a package deal.

I can get a variant for cheap i just dont want to destroy a whole bike unless i cant find a better deal.

oh and i pmed you about the pyramid reed. whats the deal, people dont like those? (edited)

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