Wanted: Moped Books

I'm looking for Books on moped from the 1970's or 80's like buyers guides, generic moped care and maintenance, getting the most out of your moped, History on Mopeds, etc. Some are hardcover and usually around 80 pages or more. Please email what you have with a short description of the contents and a price including postage.

I'm NOT looking for service, owners or repair manuals on specific model mopeds unless it covers a wide variety of makes and models like a Bible on Mopeds.

If you know of any good links to books like this, please post them for all to enjoy.

Also if you know of any good links to Moped brochures (Honda, Motobecane, Puch, Vespa, Tomos, etc), I would really love to see them.

Re: Wanted: Moped Books

look on Amazon.com right now under books

there are about 10 listing right now

all within your time frame......1970-80


Re: Wanted: Moped Books


Check your local libraries.

Re: Wanted: Moped Books

i will take all the repair/ owners manuals etc... that carl hodder doesn't want. if you have anything please pm me....xoxoxo

Re: Wanted: Moped Books

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