WTB:: 19mm dellerto phbg, moby kit stuff.!?!?! look at me

hey just seeing if anyone out there has any carbs in great shape and pipes.. i'm going to be kittin my moby with the 74cc airsal setup, and was looking to save some cash and not have to buy everything brand new.. but that will probably happen.. so i'm looking for a 19mm dellerto phbg carb and a ninja pipe or doppler.. a le partie cdi . air filter..

the list below is what i have in my shopping cart on treats.. if anybody see's someting that they've got and want to make an offer lemme know! thanks


motobecane polini 46mm head with decomp

motobecane av7 airsal 74cc 47mm kit

motobecane CDI ignition le partie

19mm x 1mm flywheel magneto puller for minarelli CEV + MBK le partie cdi

motobecane FAG bearings & seals set

motobecane malossi PHBG 19 20 21 shorty intake PACK

motobecane doppler long variator nut & magneto nut- 10mm x 1mm

malossi E12 air filter for dellorto PHBG

dellorto PHBG carburetor cable choke thingy

motobecane malossi 43mm cylinder .5mm base gasket

dellorto PHBG 19mm DS black race carburetor


Re: WTB:: 19mm dellerto phbg, moby kit stuff.!?!?! look at me


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