CUSTOM MB5 seat/tail for sale

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Want your MB5 to really stand out? You need this. I never liked the stock bench seat and weird bumble-bee tail on the MB5, so I fashioned a sweet old-school square race tail for myself, and since I had materials left over I made another! Hand-crafted with 5 layers of glass, bondo'd, sanded, primered and painted period-correct Honda "fighting red", then clear-coated and finished off with laminated 1/4 neoprene foam (four layers) for a truly retro race look. This shortens the rear of the bike by nearly 8 inches, making it look much more compact and cool! Selling for the low-low price of just $150. Considering it took me about 25 hours to make (and most stock seats go for $50+ with tears etc.) I think that's a killer deal. I'll can get you the Color Rite paint code if you want to match your bike and tell you where to get the LED light bar that slots into the recess in the tail.

Installed on my MB5 (with Homoet pipe, case-matched Malossi, VM22, K&N, CR80 6-speed tranny, stainless brake line, twin-piston caliper, etc. etc.)

Re: CUSTOM MB5 seat/tail for sale

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Oh yeah, if interested don't PM, just shoot me an email direct to

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