looking for a cheap puch near RI

looking for a cheap puch near bristol, ri. doesnt have to be running just cheap

Re: looking for a cheap puch near RI

Hi Reed, I just acquired a project Puch that is turning out to be more than I wanted. It's a 78 Puch Maxi which was spray painted blue, sat outside for a while, has a clean gas tank inside. I just took apart the motor today, connecting rod is seized, piston is broken, cylinder is scored.

Basically a project that needs the e50 engine rebuilt, and will need a new top endIt is mostly complete, I did not notice much missing besides the air filter box and side covers.

$110, located in the center of CT, Wethersfield, CT.

I figure that if you add between $100 and $150 in parts you will have a nice running Puch with a rebuilt engine.

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