Jawa/babetta stator ring & thyristor

Cole Munsterman /

I have a 1975 jawa transistor 40 with the "tranzimo" unit and want to replace it with a newer thyristor and stator ring. If anyone has one for sale let me know! Thanks!

Re: Jawa/babetta stator ring & thyristor

Vlado vlado /

for this conversion you need to get new generation stator ring, AND new ignition coil- the narrowest one from four on the stator

than you have choice of thyristor and HT Coil combo, or newer, hungarian made thyristor which combines previous into one compact unit-

all of it is available on eBay

rewiring is nicely described in jawamoped.com

Re: Jawa/babetta stator ring & thyristor

I'm in the process of this swap just waiting on parts to make a thryistor. Helps to have the wiring harness of the newer setup they are quite different on the tranzimo bikes.

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