WTB: TSM side covers

Hi all, I need a LEFT SIDE tool box cover, the white one which says TSM

and a RIGHT SIDE side cover, the brownish one which covers the chain cover and part of the swingarm.

does anyone else think its funny that the previous owner last one of each off opposite sides?

I know I can buy these from France, anyone have some spares stateside? can't be a big market for TSM parts, there aren't that many TSM owners in the US. . .

Re: WTB: TSM side covers

bump, still need this after I got jerked around with a bait and switch

paid for these

but was sent these (two weeks later)

Re: WTB: TSM side covers

† CH∆D † /

Would you sell those?

Re: WTB: TSM side covers

Want me to steal Matt's? They are black though.

Re: WTB: TSM side covers

i will take those sidecovers if chad changes his mind. (edited)

Re: WTB: TSM side covers

I am sending these back to the dude, I will point him to this thread.

Thanks Mike, Matt probably wouldn't notice so maybe if nothing works out. . . (edited)

Re: WTB: TSM side covers

no photos of the covers but says he has them + tank + seat


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