wtb: treats reed piston.

Yup I want at least 1, fuck maybe 2. Shipped to 01543, asap.

Post offers here, pm me or email at asriggsby@Gmail.com

Re: wtb: treats reed piston.

I got one, email me

Re: wtb: treats reed piston.

riggsby gime you number again, we may ride tonight

and there two sizes, but i think all the treatz kits were 45mm

Re: wtb: treats reed piston.

I have one also. pm if interested.

Re: wtb: treats reed piston.

dont mean to thread jack but considering the overwhelming amount of pistons for sale.......

my piston just cracked and I was planning on ordering one a new one in the next few days as I didnt think anyone would have a good spare just lying around. who woulda guessed

I need one for a 44mm alukit, and would prefer it to be new or very close to new. treats kit and alukit are basically the same right? can one of you supply me?

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