early morning haul!!!

I just picked up this lode of mopads! evry won is mint!!! I am sealing them four only $850 a peace!!!! my mechanic checked them out an he said theys all perfect!!! so if you bye 2 I will seal them for only $840 each!!! I will enclood a bottle of motobercane transmissiun oil with each bike!!! I can deliver! look at the size of my trailor!

Re: early morning haul!!!

im native spanish african american indian i needs moppet to going into one tribe for another

if this mopeds are is in excellent condition and does running in the world to drive through the ocean at mileage

what is you last priced in offer youve has

i hased be very interesting

Re: early morning haul!!!

I'll takes as many yuz cans carries on ur backssiedes only if they have titles.

Re: early morning haul!!!

They are all worthless French bikes.

Re: early morning haul!!!

i agree, im looking for a top tank up here in grand rapidsm MI, but it has to be running, and have the title, and 850 for a ped depending on the model and make might be too much.

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