wtb top tank, grand rapids

looking to buy a top tank moped in grand rapids or surrounding areas.

i have a 78 garelli gran-sport to trade plus a little cash on hand

my moped is stock, slight dent in the left side of the gas tank, other than that normal wear and tear on it, thing rides great, just took it to Cadillac and back from grand rapids without a problem (if you dont include the popped tire)

i consider it to be worth minimum 400 and so i'm looking to spend maximum 200 more.

id prefer the moped to be stock,

tomos, general, garelli, batavus, and i think the trac sprints and cosmos are my favorites, i dont expect to find a Peugeot or eagle top tank.

i live on the south east end, and i work nights so i'm able to see anything during the day, i should be getting the rear barrings and tire replaced on my garelli monday.

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