1978 Kreidler MP

Lorenzo Avalos /

Hey i just bought my moped and it did not come with a battery. I was wondering if any one has a battery or know a battery that can go on a 1978 kreidler moped.

Re: 1978 Kreidler MP

Look into any motorsports shop, and if you do not have blinkers, you do not need a battery.

Post up pics.

Next time post in General, more people will help.

Re: 1978 Kreidler MP

Lorenzo Avalos /

There is a headlight on it and it wont turn over why i think it needs a battery it has no power. I posted the pic on my profile on this website so click my username and scroll down it should be there

Re: 1978 Kreidler MP

Are you starting it by pedaling while holding the clutch lever in? Is the fuel on? Are you getting spark?

I don't think those are designed to take a battery originally. Most mopeds aren't, but I don't know Kreidlers at all really.

Re: 1978 Kreidler MP

Lorenzo Avalos /

Yeah I can get it tunneling but the headlight won't turn on and I want blinkers so I need a battery

Re: 1978 Kreidler MP

mr. doube is right.

your signals are gone, you don't need it.

put a 1x2 under your centerstand to lift up the rear end and let your rear wheel spin freelly when starting on the stand.

with clean gas and clean carb it'll start right up.

Re: 1978 Kreidler MP

Turn switch to on.

Fill with 50:1....1 gallon to 2.56 ounces of 2 stroke oil.

Open petcock to make fuel flow

Pull stater lever.

Kick pedals and lt go at nd of kick.

It should start, buddy.

Did it run when you got it?

the battery 'under the seat', is just for the blinkers.

You can get on if you want, but don't bother.

Re: 1978 Kreidler MP

Lorenzo Avalos /

Yeah I got it running just got to fix the throttle cable now

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