Streetmate Parts (hydro brakes, swingarm etc)

Had a death recently and need to unload all my shit to pay for bills. everything is OBO

Complete streetmate front end w/ 40mph speedo + controls and spare disk break wheel and tire = $250 OBO

Streetmate wide rear swingarm with wheel and tire = $150 OBO

phva14 = Best offer

streetmate frame w/ all plastics = $100 OBO

i will package deal everything also

prices do not include shipping.

Re: Streetmate Parts (hydro brakes, swingarm etc)

NEMA Victor (3 Knees Down) /

What's the color and condition of the plastics and wire harness?

Re: Streetmate Parts (hydro brakes, swingarm etc)

plastics are silver and in ok condition. wiring harness is cut in places and missing the battery but i have an entire spare revival with wiring and a working key.

BTW this is all located in Richmond, VA

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