WTB: engine for 77 yamaha champ lb80 3D

Don Goodreau /

i am in need of a good engine for my champ.i have lots of other spare parts for this bike that i would partial trade also. but am in need of an engine.

Re: WTB: engine for 77 yamaha champ lb80 3D

Don Goodreau /
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Re: WTB: engine for 77 yamaha champ lb80 3D

I'll bump every Yamaha Champ thread in this forum until we get some love on these. @Don- I need a headlight my friend, any chance? What else ya got to trade/sell? I am new to Champs but I want to get mine on the road and it needs a lot. Started a thread in OT about it. Love to know form you if you know if the PW80 performance stuff from the period might work on our bikes...

Re: WTB: engine for 77 yamaha champ lb80 3D

OK. So one of these 80cc Champs followed me home from a swap meet.

I too need a headlight bucket, front turn signals, head lamp, headlight bracket (fork tubes), front fender, and hopefully a wiring diagram.

Does anyone know how to increase the performance of these? Mine runs, but quickly runs out of steam. I assume the pipe is clogged and the gas is old. Still want to soup it up a bit.

Any help appreciated.

I also have a 66 Ducati Cadet. I need a wiring diagram for it.

I have some Ducati parts to trade.

Re: WTB: engine for 77 yamaha champ lb80 3D

Cool Al! I just got a maintenance manual from the 'Tubes. I'll see if I can scan the wiring diagram today at work and get it posted up for you. Since I bumped this thread initially I have gotten confirmaiton that the Champ motor is indeed the same basic motor as the YZinger/PW80, so things like cylinder kits, reeds, etc should all work for our bikes. Start researching PW80 performance tuning and you'll start to see lots of stuff for those bikes that would give you some options to pursue. My project is slightly back burnered as I also got another project within a few days of the Champ, but I will get mine back together here soon-ish. I'd like to get it together by this fall.

Re: WTB: engine for 77 yamaha champ lb80 3D

Wiring diagram and Cable routing pages from my service manual. Please don't report me to the copyright police.

Champ Wiring.jpg

Re: WTB: engine for 77 yamaha champ lb80 3D

I cannot thank you enough.

Just picked up a q50 headlight bucket to use until I find a correct one. The indicators I'll use will probably be LED cheapies till I find the holy grail.

Want to keep it looking stock, but make it perform very well.

Thank You again,


Re: WTB: engine for 77 yamaha champ lb80 3D

Soaked the heck out of the pipe on the LB80-3d. Put it in a Large diameter PVC pipe filled with hot Simple Green. Soaked it for three hours, keeping it hot. Shook the heck out of it too. Came out very clean.

Took the carb off, disassembled and cleaned.

Removed the intake manifold, Ran an old 5/8 coarse ball hone through it to open it up a bit.

Runs WAY better.

Connected up all the wires hanging where the headlight goes... Everything but the neutral light works!

Need a speedometer cable.

Got some 6 volt lamps and sockets to hang in the front for the headlight and indicators. How very Ghetto.

Just so you guys don't throw me outta here, I picked up a 78 Sachs Westlake that has no spark. Yay. More projects. Gonna make this one fast.

Oh yeah... Still need Ducati Cadet parts.

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