WTB Moped/parts in Denver, CO

Chris Tschiffely /

Anyone have anything, complete bikes, parts, anything for sale in Denver?

I've been looking for a bike for a while, but it seems my timing is off.. I keep getting beaten to the punch on nice ones..

Considering going a project route, piece by piece so to speak..


Re: WTB Moped/parts in Denver, CO

I have a green '78 Peugeot 103 in Fort Collins that I might be interested in selling. The bike is pretty much complete; All mechanical and electrical pieces are in place, all body panels and covers are there. Right now, there is an RMZ replacement motor on the bike; I have the original motor that I was planning on putting back on. The bike currently runs but poorly--needs some tuning. It would make a great bike with just a little work; I can upload pics if you're interested.

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