FS CEV 80mph Speedo

Came off a Benelli Mini Enduro . $50 shipped. The needle doesn't bounce around and I put the speedo cable on a drill and off it went! I'd say that it works! Speedo cable not included.

Shipping from Fairbanks, Alaska. Emails are best. I don't have too great of an internet connection up here. Thanks!

Re: FS CEV 80mph Speedo

an absolute jewel of a device - love the look of that thing -

Re: FS CEV 80mph Speedo

Will this work with a puch speedo drive...

Re: FS CEV 80mph Speedo

raniel's in alaska!!

Re: FS CEV 80mph Speedo

It will work with a puch but you cant use a puch speedo cable .. The speedo has a larger type threaded piece than a normal puch speedo so you need a large to small cable ..


Re: FS CEV 80mph Speedo

Awesome info makes it an...

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