Tomos moby and puch parts mikuni

Have a bunch of stuff I need to get rid maybe you need it maybe you don't but if you do make me an offer and your wildest dreams may come true......

Stock AV7 cylinder w/ piston and rings, messed up exhaust threads, AV7 intake and gunter carb.......420 Chain halflink/Master link...........22 mm flange mount mikuni, and mikuni clone....mikuni intake....small mikuni (im not sure what size but I'll measure if anyones interested I guess)

univeral turn signals...stock tomos signals....flasher relay....horn untested...targa lx airbox....oil injection cover....headlight with cracked glass still totally usable...bulb holders...speedo bracket

Moby 50v rear fender...tomos fenders 1 front 2 riser bars, black bmx bars

stock tomos bars...moby seat....tomos racks....tomos fairings....Moby rear rack...pair of thread on foot pegs....tomos oil injection...tomos under seat storage x3...tomos swingarm(needs to be welded/easy fix)

New set of sava B4 tires...Tomos mags(hardware in ziplocs)...Blue plastic pedals....22T Z sprocket(fits grimeca 5 stars and idk what else)

1995 Tomos Targa LX frame, seat and tank, tank is clean and dent free, Just recently got this bike off the road no title, comes with bill of sale, the tank bracket broke, is fixed with some wood ghetto I know but it doesnt move and I have rode doubles on it for miles with no problems.

Re: Tomos moby and puch parts mikuni

Also if you have stuff to trade I am looking for puch sprockets, a3 clutch, tomos reeds, and a 15.15 or 16.16 sha body, I of course have cash too to make trades of equal value if necessaryso lemme know what ya got, Thanks!

Re: Tomos moby and puch parts mikuni


Re: Tomos moby and puch parts mikuni

22 mikuni, pedals and z sprocket gone.

Re: Tomos moby and puch parts mikuni

How much for silver Tomos side covers?

Re: Tomos moby and puch parts mikuni

Mikuni clone's gone, moby seat and tool box are pending, silver sidecovers are pending, and I no longer need puch sprockets, or a sha. Also forgot to add I could use an a35 throttle assembly.

Re: Tomos moby and puch parts mikuni

moby seat sold, tool box/covers still up for grabs, silver sidecovers are sold, and I lied when I said I didnt need a sha anymore I do still need a 15:15 for my moby, thanks.

Re: Tomos moby and puch parts mikuni

PM me about the frame and silver side covers and book rack

Re: Tomos moby and puch parts mikuni

Sleeves Barnesafunks /

Whats the size of that small mikuni?

Re: Tomos moby and puch parts mikuni

Trading him frames tomorrow.

Mark, you want to through in the riser bars and the tomos fenders??

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