fs; bing and intake

bing carb and intake off of a running 1980 za50 newport 2 also top end cylinder, piston and head, stock exhaust in good shape. i don`t know what motor other than it`s a za50.

i don`t know what it`s worth so make me an offer. i will get pics soon as i get the upper end off.

also have some hobbit stuff. brand new ev pipe, side covers black, seat from a 82 nc50 also seat saddle for a puch no rips great shape.

best to e-mail me madmike46@comcast.net

Re: fs; bing and intake

12,14,or 15 mm?

Re: fs; bing and intake

bing is a 12

Re: fs; bing and intake

puch points stator and flywheel off of a running newport, 1.1/2 seat for puch brand new bolted it on and decided to go with a long seat. paid 30.00 +shipping sell it for 30.00 shipped. stock puch handle bars

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