Lots of Honda Express parts For Sale

I have decided to 'thin out the herd' of some of the parts that I have. I mainly have Honda Express parts 1977-1981 NA50 & NC50. NO urban parts, or Iowa Express items. I know I don't have any headlights, baskets, ignition switches or carbs. right now. I do have a few air boxes for NC & NA models & they are not going to be cheap in anyway, so understand that, especially 1981 units being a one year only. I do have a nice black NA50 seat, several mufflers & side shields, wheels (no 1981 rears sorry) mirrors, & other misc. I guess you just have to ask me directly to my e-mail for the best responce, which is: redbarron89 at msn dotcom . Prices of items start at $5 & go up from there & shipping is always extra. I have paypal as well. Tell me what you need & I'll see if I can help you out. I'm always looking for things for my 1981 NA50 & 1981 NC50 Express as well and maybe there can be a trade on items as well to help save both our wallets. Get in touch & let me know what you seek out. (edited)

Re: Lots of Honda Express parts For Sale

Larry Parrish /


I am looking for a 1981 NC50 Honda Express Carburetor. Would you know where I can find one?

Thanks for your help,


Re: Lots of Honda Express parts For Sale

I am in need of a right side mirror, two square tail light covers, air box, and cover that goes over the carb for a '80 express PM me please.

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